Thermochemical Kinetics with Gaussian

September 16-20, 2019 - Aragón Institute of Engineering Research (I3A)

About The Workshop

About the Workshop

A one-week workshop will be offered by the GPT group of the I3A institute at the University of Zaragoza for students and researchers interested in using electronic structure calculations with the Gaussian G16 software package for thermodynamic and kinetic applications. It will mainly focus on the gas phase.

No previous experience with such calculations is required. However, basic knowledge of quantum mechanics and rate theories is assumed even though these topics will be reviewed.


"Dow Room"

Río Ebro Campus in University of Zaragoza
Betancourt Building
María de Luna, 1
Zaragoza (Spain)


Monday to Friday
September 16-20, 2019


It is envisioned that 50 % of the time will be spent on exercises and 50% on lectures (English). Emphasis will be on learning by doing.


Coffee break





  1. Usage of selected software packages to perform all tasks from creating and visualizing of molecular structures to the calculation of (pressure-dependent) rate coefficients. Besides the Gaussian software as installed on the Supercomputer at I3A, only freely downloadable or homemade software will be used.
  2. Brief reviews on relevant aspects of:
    • Computational Chemistry (quantum mechanics)
    • Statistical Thermodynamics
    • Transition State, QRRK and RRKM theory
    • Master Equations (pressure-dependent reactions)
  3. Calculation of thermochemical and kinetics properties
    • Structure optimization (=> moments of inertia for rotation)
    • Frequency calculations (=> IR spectra)
    • Energy calculations (Hf, Sf, Cp(T), NASA polynomials)
    • Group additivity
    • TST rate expressions with tunnelling
    • Evans-Polanyi, Rate Rules, Group Additivity for Kinetics
    • Pressure-dependent reactions
  4. Practical aspects
    • Identification of best (lowest energy) molecule structures
    • Localizing transition states
    • Getting reliable results
      • Choice of methodology
      • Empirical bond additivity corrections to improve enthalpies
      • Internal rotors
      • Isodesmic (and related) reactions
      • Wave function stability
      • ...
    • Data interpretation
    • Dealing with calculation errors


Workshop venue location info and gallery


Zaragoza offers a host of historical monuments from its three great eras: Roman, Islamic and Christian, all near from the workshop venue. More information about sightseeing in Zaragoza can be found at:
Zaragoza Tourist Office



The workshop has limited space available.
After pre-registrations, we will contact with each participant with the payment information to complete the registration.

300 €

I3A member
150 €

  • Meals
  • Conference rooms

How to arrive

The GPT is headquartered at the Rio Ebro Campus, in the I+D Building (north Zaragoza downtown), at 20 minutes by taxi from the Zaragoza airport or 10 minutes from the train/bus station.

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